Constance Watters, owner

My name is Constance Watters and I am the owner and sole employee of Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique.  I am a self-taught baker who loves to learn from watching others!  I began my journey when I got married in 2008.  My husband was in the Navy and I moved from South Carolina to Washington state to begin our lives together.  Being just married, we had little money, and only one car.  So, I spent most of my days watching Food Network, and dreaming of the day I could be one of those amazing chefs.  


While I was out in Washington, I took the very first Wilton Method class and spent my time learning the very basics of making cakes and decorating them.  Since then, I have not had any formal lessons or training (I like to think that the good Lord gave me a gift!).  


Fast forward 2 years and we are back in South Carolina and starting a family.  We now have 3 children and they are my inspiration.  They are my heart and I love making them happy by baking them delicious treats!  


I formally became a retail business in January of 2015.  I now operate in the state of South Carolina as a home-based bakery.  




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