Frequently Asked Questions:  (if you do not find the answer to your question here, feel free to email us!)

1. How far ahead do I need to book my cake?

We limit the number of cakes we take in a weekend to three, so the earlier you reserve your date with us the better. Typically, busier wedding months (April, May, October, November) book four to six months in advance. For other times of the year, a couple of months notice will usually suffice. If you have your heart set on a cake from Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique book it as early as possible no matter what time of year!!

2. How do I sample your cakes?

We will set up a consultation and tasting first. Then, we meet at our office in Greenville, SC, to discuss flavors and design.  At your consultation, you will be able to sample 4 flavors (chosen prior to consultation), and you can bring up to 3 more people!  Feel free to bring along your fiance, parents, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc!  There will be a lot of cake, so the more, the merrier!

3. How much do your cakes cost?

Our smallest wedding cake is a two tier cake that serves 20.  Our minimum wedding cake order is $250.  Our minimum special event/birthday cake price is $100.   For the peak wedding season months (April, May, October, and November) the minimum wedding cake order will increase to $500.  Our cakes vary in price, considering everything we discuss in our consultation.  Every cake is unique, so there isn't a set price for each cake!  

4. Can I order just sheet cakes?

Our sheet cakes are specifically meant to subsidize our larger wedding and event cakes. We don't do sheetcakes alone.

5. What is the delivery fee for your cakes?

We deliver all over the state of South Carolina, in addition to select cities in Georgia and North Carolina.  Our cakes are fully assembled and delivered in a "CakeSafe" (, which ensures your cake will reach your venue without any worries of collapsing or arriving with any blemishes.  For this reason, we charge a standard delivery fee of $35.  If your venue is more than 30 miles outside of Greenville, SC,  there will be an additional charge of $0.54/mile.  We guarantee your cake will make it to your event in perfect condition!

6. Do you do Birthday Cakes, Groom's Cakes or other Event Cakes?

We do birthday and other event cakes for any party that meets our minimum order of a two tier cake. Sometimes, the shape of the cake doesn't merit 2 tiers, at which point, we hold to a minimum cake price of $100. When we do a birthday, or event cake, it counts as one of our three cakes for that weekend, so it is important to call well in advance of the event date to secure our services. On weekends when we already have three wedding cakes booked, we do not take any other orders.

7. How do I reserve my wedding/event date with Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique?

In order to reserve the date for your cake, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

8. Do you do cupcakes or single serving "mini" wedding cakes?

We do cupcakes with a minimum order of 2 dozen per flavor.  We offer an anniversary tier with wedding cakes (complimentary 4in) to be kept in the kitchen refrigerator for you to take home and enjoy on your one year anniversary!  If you do not want that option, we offer a $20, fresh 4 in cake on your one year anniversary!

9. Do you do Centerpiece Cakes?

Yes. We make centerpiece cakes as beautiful as our tiered cakes! We also make gourmet cake buffets for people looking for something a little different and a lot delicious! We can make individual cakes, but pricing varies based on flavor and design. 

10. What kind of Frosting do you use?

All of our wedding/event cakes are frosted in our home-made pure butter Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  We also offer cakes covered in chocolate ganache, fondant, or a combination of buttercream/ganache and fondant.  Sheet cakes are frosted in our buttercream alone, marked for the number of servings we want them to serve (big servings!) and delivered directly to the kitchen at the reception site.

11. Do you freeze your cakes?

All of our cakes are baked fresh, no more than 36 hours prior to the event time.  We take pride in having the best tasting cakes, and freezing our cakes would hinder their optimal flavor!

12. What about cake stands?

We have a fabulous selection of cake stands to display your cake.  We rent our stands for $25 each, and require them to be returned to us by the Wednesday after your event date.  

13. Do you ship your cakes?

No. While we do drive our cakes and fly our cakes, we do not want to risk our cakes being damaged while in transit.

14. Can I order a Styrofoam or fake cake?

The best thing about our cakes is that people can hardly believe they're real! What fun would it be if they actually weren't? None! While we do make "dummy" cakes for photo shoots, we do not offer them for actual events. Actual event, actual cake.

15. Do you make cakes for people with dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate people with egg allergies, but we are limited in flavor options.  Please email us with further questions regarding dietary restrictions.  

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