Naked Cakes (starting at $6/slice)

Buttercream Cakes (starting at $7/slice)

Fondant Cakes (starting at $8/slice)

Cookie Cakes

Starting at $20 (one layer, 6in round)

Cookie Cakes also available as layered cakes with buttercream between layers.  Pricing starts at $60 for 4 layer 6in round.






Decorated Sugar Cookies (includes two different colors...more than 2 colors will increase price by $.25/color added):


Small (3 in) 

-1/2 dozen $16

-1 dozen $30


Medium (4in)

-1/2 dozen $25

-1 dozen $45


Large (5in)

-1/2 dozen $35

-1 dozen $65







Desserts & Pastries

Cupcakes (1 dozen minimum order, price is for one flavor):

-1 dozen $32

Mini Cupcakes (2 dozen minimum order)

-2 dozen (starting at) $18


French Macarons (1 dozen minimum order, price is for one flavor)

-1 dozen $30

-1 dozen HAND PAINTED $35


Cheesecakes (9in)

-Traditional with graham cracker crust $30

-Red Velvet with Oreo crust $45

-Oreo with Oreo crust $45


Individual Cheesecakes (1 dozen minimum order)

-Traditional $30/dozen

-Red Velvet $45/dozen

-Oreo $45/dozen

Mini Tarts and Individual Pies (1 dozen minimum order)

-1 dozen $30

Individual Mini Cakes (1 dozen minimum)

-Start at $3.50/ per cake for buttercream and $4.50/ per cake for fondant



**If you do not see what you need listed, please email me and we can work together to meet your needs!!**


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